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Hi! My name is Sihaam.

I'm an experienced music educator who loves working with humans of all ages and walks of life. After completing Level 9 of the Royal Conservatory of Music, I rounded out my training with an advanced diploma in music, focusing on improvisation and jazz training.

However, I passionately believe music holds intrinsic value for humanity on multiple levels – cognitive, emotional, and physical, to name a few. As a result, I chose to become invested in supporting others in their exploration of music. Over the last ten years, I have taught music theory, performance, and discovery in home and studio.

At Whole Tone Therapy, our goal is to create and implement musical sessions tailored to each client's personal capabilities, needs, and dreams. With my broad spectrum of musical training and teaching experience, as well as my zest for working with people, I aspire to cultivate communal health and growth.


I look forward to meeting you!

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